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    Rod has made nearly his entire living from shooting professionally around the world and guiding North American game from Western backcountry elk hunts to whitetail deer and bear in the Midwest. His trophies to date consist of nearly 50 Pope and Young Class animals, mostly whitetails, 9 of which Boone and Crockett caliber whitetails and 2 whitetails scoring over 200".  

    Prior to 2016 he's operated his own whitetail habitat improvement company, The Rod White Land And Game Company, and launched Advanced Whitetail Systems. His systems are discussed at length during some shows and he describes the elements it takes from taking farms in the Midwest from just a farm with timber, to a totally advanced system that can hold and grow mature whitetails even in high pressured environments. His experience in hunting land development have ranged from acreages as small as 64 acres to over 2200 acres in single tracts in Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. His system of rebuilding and restructuring environments of over 20,000 acres in his career, included everything from timber sanctuary, mature buck and fawning environments, timber barriers and funnels, food plot clearing, crop management, native grass establishment, travel corridors, and water source construction. On high level properties, he architected the timber structure and food plot layouts, established stand sites, entry and exit routes, and hunt planning guides for clients. As part of the management process on some properties, he guiding and assisting his landowners, and their guests, to an impressive total of 17 whitetails with 4 grossing over 200" and 14 clearing the Boone and Crockett gross score minimums.

    His target archery background included competing in two Olympic Games, winning both a Gold Medal in 1996 and a Bronze Medal in 2000. He holds several world, national, and Grand Prix titles with his Olympic recurve. As a modern compound competitor, he holds multiple titles, podiums and top 10 finishes in a variety of 3D competitions with modern compounds from major tournament organizations like the NFAA, NAA, IBO, ASA, ESPN Great Outdoor Games, Buckmasters, and other pop-up and fast paced, often televised, competitions.

    His past factory top tier Pro-Staff positions include major industry companies such as, Mathews, Inc., Hoyt, PSE, The Block, Gander Mountain, Trophy Taker, G5, and many more. He’s also worked as an employee for Mathews, Inc. as a founder and developer creating the National Archery in The Schools Program (NASP) training 33 fish and wildlife officers to train teachers to introduce archery to hundreds of thousands of kids each year who, otherwise, would never have been introduced to the sport of archery. His position at Mathews also included limb and grip production. Additionally, he also co-developed both the Mathews recurve and the PSE recurve risers he shot in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. As a part of the test team at Easton, he helped in providing results needed in the testing process to produce the ultra precise X-10 arrow system now used by World Champion compound shooters and Olympic recurve competitors to bring home nearly all of the Olympic Medals and World Championships in target archery, since it's inception.